We are able to offer diving trips and sign you up for diving lessons in one of our partner schools. There are all sorts of underwater caves and holes that will not disappoint you and believe us, you will be delighted.


Skydiving in Croatia allows you to enjoy the excitement and exhilaration of free-falling on your first tandem jump! The view of the Adriatic Sea and the big Velebit mountain is spectacular.


Kvarner rafting will be a truly memorable adventure. We will take you rafting down the untamed and wild upper course of the Kupa or the Dobra – the primary rafting destinations in Croatia with experienced teams organizing great river adventures. The rivers run through Gorski kotar, a scenic area widely recognized as one of the most attractive continental regions in Europe. You will instantly fall in love with the lush green forests of Gorski kotar and its diverse natural sights. The Kupa also flows through the Risnjak National Park, making rafting on the Kupa River an interesting and original way to explore its natural wonders.

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